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Rehabilitation Exercises

The longer a patient has instability in the joint, the more likely the muscles around the joint will deteriorate. There are many kinds of muscle release techniques such as trigger point therapy and active muscle release. All of these tend to improve the overall health of the joint Through these techniques we can increase patient range of motion, improve strength in the area, and decrease the irritation.

At Schermerhorn Chiropractic, we want to improve your overall health by incorporating several of these techniques during every treatment. Dr. Jack will evaluate your needs, and see what is necessary for a health care plan.

Activator Technique

At Schermerhorn Chiropractic, we specialize in activator technique. This is a form of adjustment where we can apply very specific and therapeutic relief to the affected area. Activator techniques only give a light, tapping sensation to direct movement in the area. Through pre and post muscle testing, we can observe change and evaluate the problem.


After every exam, Dr. Jack will give you personalized rehab exercises to improve your overall health and muscle stability. At Schermerhorn Chiropractic, we believe that not only your joints should be stable, but your muscles have to be balanced for the body to function properly. Healing is a process that both the doctor and patient have to work toward together, and we're here for you every step of the way!

What we offer you

Acupuncture has been used for thousands of years to reduce swelling, muscles spasms, and to improve general function of the body. Instead of using reusable wires like some other countries, we use clean, prepackage, one-use wires to stimulate the acupoints to improve health.

Acupuncture treatments are great for people who suffer from many chronic problems such as poor circulation, radiating pain into arms and legs, migraines, etc. While most people are apprehensive about the potential pain, there is very little sensation once the wires are in place. Ask Dr. Jack if acupuncture is right for you!

Muscle Release Techniques